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Top Tips When Buying Motorcycle Parts

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Certain motorbikes are known for their reliability. In the article below, you will learn how to purchase bike parts.

Purchasing New Parts

Always insist on genuine parts. Preferably, buy the parts from certified dealers or reputable spare part shops in your locality. These shops have long-term relationships with motorbike brands and may, therefore, be in a position to access all kinds of parts for your motorbike. Use the OEM number inscribed on your damaged part to determine compatible parts. 

Purchasing Used Parts

Auto wreckers and spare part shops are an excellent source for used parts. Here are some tips to help you when buying used parts:

  1. Check the service reports of the bike to know how long the part was used. Always go for low-mileage parts.
  2. Inspect the part for cracks, bends and rust.
  3. Ask for guarantees. For instance, the seller should offer a replacement or refund if the part does not function.
  4. If you intend to rebuild your vintage bike, it would be cheaper to purchase a donor bike as opposed to buying different spare parts.
  5. Some bikes have compatible parts. Seek the advice of your mechanic to know which parts will fit your motorcycle.

Online Purchases

The internet is the largest marketplace for both new and used motorcycle parts. However, you must be cautious and ensure that you deal with genuine websites and sellers. Seek reviews from motorcycle blogs and forums. Ask the seller to send recent pictures of the used or new part. They will help you examine the part's condition and compatibility. Sellers often have a friendly return policy if the part is dysfunctional or incompatible. Inquire about shipping charges and tax if you intend to import the part from overseas. 

Now that you know how to purchase bike parts, here are some motorcycle maintenance tips to extend the longevity of your bike: 

  1. Work with a specialised and experienced mechanic. These mechanics have a lot of knowledge regarding problems your bike might develop. As such, they will give preventive maintenance tips.
  2. Use your bike for the right purpose. For instance, use a dirt bike for off-roading, and keep your sports bike on the tarmac.
  3. Keep service records to know when you should service your bike and replace major components such as the chain and sprockets.
  4. Regularly inspect your bike for worn-out tires, brakes, engine leaks and acceleration problems.

Purchasing things like Husqvarna parts is now easy with the above tips. Insist on genuine spares, work with reputable sellers, inspect the part and ask for guarantees.