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Mountain E-bike Buying Tips

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When buying an electric bicycle, you will be in a dilemma of whether to purchase a commuter, cargo, cruiser, or mountain e-bike. Mountain e-bikes are designed for people who ride on off-road terrain. If you wish to buy this bike, below are some things to consider. 


Mountain e-bikes suffer a lot of abuse. You will be riding on gravel, rocks, mud, or forest terrain in most cases. Therefore, you must ensure that your bike is durable. Start by examining the build quality of the bicycle. For instance, what materials are used to make the frame? Typically, consider bikes with steel, carbon fibre, aluminium, or titanium frames. Then, assess how the various features are welded or bolted together. After all, you would not want the bike falling apart as you ride. 

Online reviews will also give insights into the bike's durability. You will learn whether the mountain e-bike develops chronic problems after a few months. Moreover, you will learn the bike's maintenance protocols and the availability of replacement parts. Finally, you should consider mountain e-bikes certified by local or international cycling associations. It is a guarantee that the bike is safe and durable. 

Power and Battery 

Power is a significant concern for anyone buying a mountain e-bike. You will often need the pedal-assist or throttle function, given that you will ride through steep inclines and uneven surfaces. Therefore, the bike should have a powerful motor. Furthermore, the battery should have a long range. Otherwise, you will not enjoy the pedal assist and throttle features when riding for long distances. 


Below are several features to look for in a mountain e-bike; 

  • The bike's weight is a concern if you have to load it on your car's roof rack. Besides, some off-road terrains compel you to carry the bike. For instance, if you have to wade through a river or swamp.
  • Mountain e-bikes should have a high-quality suspension to keep you comfortable when riding on rough terrain.
  • How comfortable is the e-bike? Assess the size of the bike, the seat, and handlebar positioning.
  • The e-bike should have assist features such as a speedometer and a screen displaying the battery range. Besides, it should allow smartphone integration to ensure you can enjoy features such as maps. 


Do not purchase the cheapest mountain e-bike. Instead, assess the quality of the e-bike against its pricing to know whether it gives value to your money. Moreover, consider dealers who offer discounts and incentives such as free insurance, shipping, and maintenance.