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5 Reasons to Consider Centre Console Boats as Your Ultimate Marine Vessel

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Purchasing a new boat is an experience like no other, something that excites boating lovers. There are numerous styles of boats, and this vast array makes it challenging for buyers to make the right decision. However, when looking into a small watercraft's versatility and manoeuvrability, there is something special about centre console boats. Here are five reasons experienced boaters consider investing in centre consoles boats instead.

Unique Design

The centre console watercraft has consoles that feature helms and controls, meaning you have more walking and fishing space left. Boaters can sit in the bow and stern area covered by an enclosed head or, in some instances, a cabin for larger watercraft. Therefore, centre consoles are ideal for many other activities, including cruising, private meetings and other recreational activities, due to their unique design.

Ample Storage 

Apart from being adept for fishing and recreational activities, centre consoles have enough space for freezers, foldable chairs, water skis, etc. If you are into fishing, centre console boats have sufficient space for fitting insulated fish lockers, bait storage and several rod holders. Furthermore, they come with an extra reversible helm seating. 

Can Withstand Tough Marine Conditions 

Generally, centre console boats come with a considerably deeper hull design, which gives them the ability to handle rough offshore conditions for a safer boating experience. Since they have excellent manoeuvrability, you can set up several fishing platforms and a higher freeboard for rough water safety. Additionally, they have highly reliable outboard motors that make them pretty efficient. 

Allows for Easier Maintenance

Unlike conventional fishing vessels with carpeting and full covers, centre consoles feature non-skid, fibreglass flooring. Additionally, they have a self-draining cockpit, meaning you can use a power hose when cleaning the vessel after a messy fishing escapade. Many of them come in white colour, which helps keep their aesthetic. Furthermore, they feature small covers that are easier to install and maintain. 

Numerous Usage Options

It's undoubtedly true that centre console boats are every fisherman's dream vessel. But surprisingly, they also come with family-friendly features, making them pretty attractive to both high-performance boat seekers and recreational boaters. Therefore, even if you aren't in fishing as your primary occupation, centre console boats could still be the ideal choice for recreation or sporting events. 

These are the five reasons why a centre console boat is the ultimate choice for you. If you plan to invest in one, consider working with a local dealer to find brands like Quintex boats..